The Mohammedans are known to celebrate lavish weddings that last for at least three to five days. Unlike other weddings, Muslim weddings are much quieter and sober. Our team of sincere individuals acknowledges their rituals and customs and carries out the arrangements accordingly. The most important ceremony is ‘Nikah’, where the maulvi or priest recites the vows and the bride and groom simply have to agree to them. After that the families of the couple bestow them with blessings. Making sure of all the wedding ceremonies without discrepancies is our prime concern.

The Important functions of a Muslim Wedding are:

  • Manjha (the haldi ceremony)
  • Mehendi Ceremony
  • Groom Procession
  • Welcome of the Baarat
  • Nikah
  • Valima
  • Ruksat Ceremony (bidding farewell to the bride)


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