Gujarati Weddings are full of laughter and excitement. The union of two souls is celebrated with high spirits by families and friends of both the bride & groom. Gujaratis’ are known for their great culture, cheerful persona and delicious food cuisines. The rituals practiced from the very first day to the last day are all very vibrant and pleasant. These weddings are the extensive blend of colors, traditions and music bringing out the joyful and cheerful sides of everyone who becomes an integral part from pre to post wedding ceremonies.

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A Gujarati Wedding is usually a 2 to 4 days affair celebrated with full pomp and show. The major elements of their wedding are that make Gujarati weddings culturally unique and stand out from other weddings are:

Ganesh Pooja
Lord Ganesha is considered as Vighan Harta (remover of obstacles). In this pooja, prayers are offered to the Lord Ganesha for removal of all obstacles and to seek blessings for the bride and groom for a blissful, happy married life. This pooja marks the beginning of all the wedding functions and ceremonies.

Mandap Ropan/Mandavo
A pooja performed by the priest to seek the blessings of the mother earth. This is done by both the bride and groom’s families at different venues or at their respective places.

Grah Shanti
A pooja performed by Hindu priest to seek the blessings of the nine planets and to remove all obstacles that may come up due to planetary positions.

A paste of haldi (turmeric), chandan (sandalwood) and rose water is applied to bride & groom. Haldi has antibiotic properties and is a natural remedy that helps in getting a bright complexion and an even skin tone. This ceremony used to happen separately for bride and groom at different places, but in case of destination weddings, this function can be done at the same place for both bride and groom. This gives the additional glow to both bride and groom.


Mosaru / Mameru
In this ceremony, the bride receives gifts from her maternal uncles which includes glass bangles and the traditional panetar (it is a traditional white saree with red border).

In this ceremony, the groom’s family presents the bride with a Chunnri. The Chunnri here symbolizes blessings. The other gifts may include Jewelry, Bangles, Sweets and Sarees.

This ceremony is marked by the application of henna on the hands and feet of the bride. The other women in the family also apply henna to celebrate the occasion.

Sangeet / Sanjhi
This is a night full of dancing, Gujarati live bands, DJ, dandiya raas and garba. The bitter-sweet moment is marked with overwhelming emotions. Sangeet is purely conducted to enjoy the happiness and joy surrounding the couple

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Jaan / Procession
The groom sits on a horse or an elephant and goes to the wedding venue. He is accompanied by a wedding band and his relatives and friends.

Main Wedding Ceremony
When the groom arrives at the wedding venue, he is welcomed by the bride’s mother. She does his aarti, tikka & pulls his nose. The priest also chants mantra on the groom’s arrival.

Then happens the Jaimala

The main rituals of a Gujarati wedding ceremony are:

  • Madhuparaka
  • Antarpaat
  • Kanyadan
  • Hasta Milap
  • Pheras
  • Saptapadi
  • Sindoor Daan
  • Mangalsutra
  • Kansar

After the above ceremonies have taken place, the bride and groom seek the blessings /Aashirwad of the elders.

The bride leaves with her groom, she may sometimes also leave a colored print of her hand on a cloth.

Koda Kodi/Aeki/Baki
A fun game played by bride and groom wherein a ring is immersed in a bowl of milk, water and raised petals. It is usually said that whosoever finds the rings in the maximum rounds have a control over the partner and other affairs of the house.

This is the final get together. Some people want it to a fun party while some want it to be a formal affair. One may opt for a stage or a long head table. It totally depends on your choice. These days, cake cutting, first dance and speeches are also important elements of the Reception Function.

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