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Goa is a splendid place to celebrate precious moments of life. Be it a wedding, reception, birthday, honeymoon or a business party, Goa is an ideal place to enjoy it all. Goa is a hub of many hotels and resorts. Cidade De Goa is one of the well known resorts in Goa offering the best of amenities.

This luxury resort sprawls across an area of 40 acres of extensive green land overlooking the sea. Cidade De Goa is a beachfront five star resort that allows you to pamper yourself with the finest of facilities. Choose to celebrate your memorable occasions in Cidade De Goa and have a taste of Goan hospitality.

The moment you will step inside Cidade De Goa, you are bound to get enchanted with its beautiful architecture for which it has been rewarded with an international R.I.B.A. award. You will see the statues of Vasco da Gama and other bright murals in the hotel’s lobby.

All the rooms and suites of Cidade De Goa have been designed to meet the different needs of not just domestic but also global tourists.

Almost all rooms of this resort have private balconies overlooking the sea offering you spectacular views. Staying at Cidade De Goa, you can try out a number of recreational activities like swimming, boating, yachting, water skiing and windsurfing.

Casa and Damao are two especially designed rooms of Cidade De Goa that never compromise in provide all the luxuries to the guests. Then, there are 4 Portuguese styled suites in the resort that are a delight to stay in. For booking rooms at the Hotel Cidade De Goa or to organize your Wedding at Goa, contact Goa Wedding Planner.